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Free shipping on all orders over $75 presents the very best in golf accessories. Offering 14 different types of stylish gloves along with golf accessories like ball markers and head cover, has been serving its customers the very best in golf equipment.

Stuart, Florida uses highest quality materials like genuine Cabretta leather and Newtec synthetic leather to produce comfortable, fitting gloves which look trendy as well. Women are always consulted and their views taken in consideration before embarking on a new accessory for golf. They contemplate everything from fashion and comfort, to prestige and sophistication while finalizing a product for the ladies of golf. LadyClassic has designed golf gloves and accessories that suit every golfing style for the ladies. features:
  • Free shipping for orders above $75.00
  • 14 types of gloves to choose from
  • Different golf accessories available
  • Website also provides visors and Golf balls
  • Specializes in golf gloves for ladies
  • Also sells Children’s clubhouse glove

The gloves are made of soft breathable material which fit snugly on your hand. They come as half gloves and full gloves as well. offers patterns on the gloves like animal print gloves, salmon skin glove, and sun tan glove in lime green and fuchsia to name a few. Soft flex gloves come with a free ball marker on purchase. Made out of high quality tested material, these gloves are soft for ladies hands at the same time durable.

The benefits of lady classic gloves are
  • Affordable price for high quality gloves
  • Gloves which are soft and have a snug fit
  • 14 different types to choose from
  • Can shop for golf accessories from the same site
  • Fashionable yet comfortable gloves

“I have been struggling with my golf for sometime now. I used to wear my husband’s golf gloves. To improve my game I bought gloves from and I have improved my game so much. These gloves are so comfortable unlike my husband’s; they are snug and give me a better grip.” – Sandra Cale specializes in providing golf accessories and gloves for ladies who are golf enthusiasts. They have a variety of gloves both half and full which are reasonably priced and easily accessible online. “Lady Classic is the only company that holds a patent glove design for a golf glove which accommodates for long nails and a wedding ring. This nail and ring glove is the ultimate in comfort and fit,” said Lloyd Cohn, owner.

They are now expanding the products base and their availability online in the coming period. They also sell multicolored golf balls and children’s clubhouse gloves. Along with lady’s gloves they also offer accessories like accessory pouch, Ball markers, Head covers, oversized microfiber and towel shoe bags. All products are available online and can be ordered from a toll free number in the US. So if you are a golf fanatic, a leisure player or a starter, is the best place for you to get your golf accessories.