In case you didn’t think Martha Burk was having an impact, here’s a glove with slits for long fingernails, another slit that allows a ring to poke out and a sheer back that lets sunlight through to prevent tan lines. Women, hear them roar.

- Sports Illustrated

Pocketec has come out with a golf glove for women with long nails. The Lady Classic is designed with open-ended fingertips that provide room for long nails, yet eliminates bunching. The gloves are made of cabretta leather.

- Golf Digest

And get these new open-tipped gloves for the long nail set.

- Vogue

Long nails are no longer a handicap on the golf course. To the rescue: fingertip-less gloves from Pocketec, Inc.

- Chicago Style

This is one of those fashion innovations you probably never thought of or could imagine anyone else ever thinking of: a golf glove designed with women in mind, women with long fingernails. Called the Lady Classic, the glove has open-ended fingertips to enable those painted marvels to protrude a bit. Saves wear and tear.

- The New York Times

If you’re a woman and have medium-to-long manicured nails, maybe this new sport glove will appeal to you. The Lady Classic Glove, from Pocketec, Inc. is a full-fingered sport glove that allows the nails to protrude, thus reducing the likelihood of chipped nails. For golf, softball, bicycling, driving and weightlifting.

- The Orange County Register

Pocketec, a manufacturer of sporting equipment, has invented a golfing glove modified to fit female golfers with long fingernails. The Lady Classic has openings at the ends of the fingertips to allow the nails to slip through. The glove comes in “all-weather suede” and leather.

- San Francisco Chronicle