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Lady Classic Golf

Copper Tech Spider Tacky Ladies Glove

Copper Tech Spider Tacky Ladies Glove

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Our Copper Tech Golf Gloves truly fit a lady’s hand.

Available in several colors options (see below), we are confident you’ll find our copper-infused ladies golf gloves extremely comfortable out on the course.

Our Copper-infused technology improves circulation and oxygenation of working muscles. Copper is woven within the material of the glove, helping to prevent strain and fatigue by keeping your muscles warm. Copper Tech gloves provides support for muscle stiffness, soreness and pain, and also improves recovery time of muscles.

The palm features our Spider-Tacky grip that will greatly improve slip resistance on your club. Our adjustable Velcro strap will keep your glove fitting perfectly around your wrist, and our removable magnetic ball marker can be used on the green.

Give Copper Tech Golf gloves a try- your hands will be thanking you!

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